Branding and Marketing for HealthDrive

HEALTHCARE BRANDING & MARKETING | Reinventing a National Healthcare Corporation


HealthDrive Delivers

Our reputation and past performance with helping a “C” level executive re-position his former company lead us to a new opportunity with HealthDrive; crafting and executing a similar initiative. The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer hired us to supplant an existing tenuous public image for the company with one that was true to its original roots – a company known in the industry for its quality reputation and innovation throughout the health care industry.

Our solution was to refresh the company’s brand through a new corporate-wide brand strategy. Through our efforts, we were able to re-center their key service offerings in audiology, podiatry, vision, and dental aimed at their target audiences; long-term care facilities, their residents and families, and medical professionals looking for a career change. Our work extended from print marketing materials, manuals, signage, through to a new website.