University of Connecticut School of Social Work Branding

HIGHER EDUCATION BRANDING | University of Connecticut School of Social Work Brand Refresh

More than a degree:
A difference.

With a dated website and a new online application process, the time was right for the University of Connecticut School of Social Work to conduct an assessment of their brand to determine how best to convey their core strengths and key points of differentiation to potential students, faculty and donors. With a series of branding workshops with faculty, administration, students and alumni, we defined a clear understanding of the brand, its strengths, common misconceptions and prime areas of focus.

We streamlined communications – from a suite of concise viewbooks and brochures to a WordPress-based website with new content and navigation, so that prospective students, faculty and supporters could find answers and information more quickly. The branding workshops fostered idea sharing, team building and broad endorsement of our work. We photographed faculty, students and staff; crafted the content, designed the print materials, and produced an almost 1000-page website.