Sustainably-designed Water Protection Education Campaign

SUSTAINABLY-DESIGNED COMMUNICATIONS | CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection Program Guidebook

Aquifer Protection Program

As one of the very few sustainability-focused boutique graphic design firms in the area, our abilities to capture and launch the Aquifer Protection  product line was highly recognized and very successful; particularly in educating municipalities and providing them with the guidelines on how to use the product to protect underwater areas from contamination around the state.

We worked closely with the regulatory agency, DEEP, whose requirements were to create both printed and electronic educational tools. In keeping with the essence of this project – sustainability and environmentally viable – we used digital printing on a high efficiency printer; designed the guidebook using a page size that minimized paper sheet waste; used 100% recycled consumer-waste paper stock which was produced at a mill that uses wind power. We also chose to print and produce the guidebooks locally to minimize transportation and fuel costs.