All babies cry. Learn how to be chill.

PUBLIC INFORMATION CAMPAIGN | Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome through Education

All babies cry.
Learn how to be chill.

We created a bilingual campaign, providing parents and caregivers with information about the risks associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome and practical tips on how to remain calm when an infant won’t stop crying. For Phase One, our target audience was male caregivers, based on statistics indicating that the male population held the highest percentage of Shaken Baby Syndrome offenders.

CSG conducted research (focus groups and surveys with previous offenders, young fathers, homeless parents, Fatherhood Initiative participants and program providers) to determine ‘triggers’ and their baseline knowledge of infant injury risks. We then developed and focus-tested the educational program – produced in English and Spanish – and launched at Dads Matter events around the state. The “Chill” program features a video, web pages, wallet-sized mini-brochure, posters, and multi-channel social media posting and paid advertising campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube).